Earth, Water, Air and Fire
The four elements of nature marry, and in absolute harmony, integrate into
creations of the soul, that calm or provoke, through the work of Keti Anastasaki.
Original hand-crafted art objects, where clay has the first word and converses with
metal and inox, flirts with glazes and oxides….all depending on what it has to state.
The workshop-showroom in Marousi, Athens, welcomes you to explore and discover
objects of daily use, sculpture and wall compositions to complement any space,
personal and professional, or to reflect your taste for that special gift.
“I enjoy every moment of creation, from the rough sketch, the cutting away of
the line and spiral, to the finishing touches with colour. The procedure is as
satisfying as the final result – to start with nothing but earth, or to pick parts of
elements that attract you, and with these, give life to something new.”

Keti Anastasaki

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